We make the difference

Content Khana is a pioneering integrated platform for traditional and digital marketing services, public relations, media relations, exhibitions and conferences management. Since establishment in November 2015, the company has taken it upon itself to provide packages of comprehensive services professionally to a number of local, regional and international clients and non-profit global organizations.

The number of clients who have obtained the various services of our platform has exceeded 50 destinations in diverse key fields such as healthcare, drug industry, real estate development, engineering construction, urban construction, education, digital education platforms, distance education system programs, the field of communications, IT, local and international development, financing institutions, social responsibility programs along with the fields of art, artistic production, automotive industry, different economic and investment sectors, e-commerce projects, international arbitration, judiciary, food industry and its products, as well as educational campaigns for community development issues.

Content Khana has a sophisticated and insightful vision for the future which enables it to offer integrated packages of services that rise to the expectations level of customers from all sectors. This is achieved at the hands of specialized human resources in various major marketing fields such as; customer relations management, media relations management, marketing, monitoring, evaluation, public relations management, government relations, marketing research, exhibition and conference organization, copywriting in several key languages, digital media services via influencers and online platforms, management of advertising campaigns via social media, contemporary copywriting, together with user and market trends analysis.

The company also provides each of its distinguished clients with services with competitive advantages; mainly represented in the strategies of the commercial identity industry, marketing and public relations strategies based on innovative solutions that guarantee access to constructive results in campaign management, where our clients enjoy an updated scientific approach in managing their business in order to promote their commercial position among their competitors, plus the targeted segment of public opinion.

Our professional plan to provide marketing services to clients depends on an analytical and research approach, including:

- Analysing the market and the customer’s brand.

- Identifying the most peculiar marketing methods according to the objectives of customers.

- Outlining the marketing, media and advertising plan and managing activities.

- Preparing digital marketing programs and budgets.

- Marketing and media material production.

- Close follow up of the marketing and media plans implementing stages.

- Crisis management.

- Managing government, public and media relations to serve the objectives of client.

- Systematic planning of marketing and media messages, and operational goals.

- Analysing the results and value added thereof on the brand’s marketing budget.

Our Mission

We believe that our primary mission is to consolidate and develop the industry of marketing, public relations and brand advertising services for our clients according to the latest global developments in the industry, modern trends, in addition to solutions and interactive digital tools.

At Content Khana, our mission is to look for the robust combination of traditional marketing and innovative digital platforms in the field of media and advertising, moreover, the creation of brand ambassadors in line with the successive global trends.

To achieve the objectives of the client, our mission intends to develop societal awareness, establish the brand’s distinguished outreach concepts, and enhance the brand’s market value and actively contributing in the implementation of the peculiar marketing and business objectives. Our mission also focuses on offering our clients an unprecedented marketing program design experience that meets the requirements of each client, according to industry and goals.

Our primary aim is to continuously develop our services in the light of methodological standards in the fields of analysis and marketing research; along with establishing powerful databases for our clients with decision makers, media professionals, journalists and influencers, and to broaden our services to our clients in all Arab countries, particularly the Arab Gulf region, al-Sham countries and North Africa. In addition, we aim to offer our outstanding services package to the clients, who are brand owners, in these countries, through a grand campaign in the Arab region to enrich the marketing and public relations industry, as well as that ideal combination of traditional marketing and innovative digital platforms in the field of media and advertising, and the manufacture of brand ambassadors in line with the successive global trends.


The industry of marketing, public relations and media is witnessing a strong breakthrough with successive changes that clearly manifest in the rapid integration between traditional solutions and digital platforms; from this perspective, Content Khana has not been working only on developing its future vision, but also on focusing its broadening interests in supporting the engine of marketing and digital media for its clients in Egypt, while continuing to develop the traditional campaigns in order to enhance the visions and strategies of its current and future clients, as well as giving their experience in this industry an added value with regards to outcomes, achievements and impact on public opinion.

Our transformed vision to provide digital media and modern marketing services, and the smart integration with the traditional tools was only a new step towards maximizing the status of our brand owner clients, depending on what global statistics indicate that spending every dollar in digital marketing services achieves 100% profits for brands; particularly, with the increase in the number of users of these platforms, such as Facebook in recent times, which amounted to 23.8 million users in the Arab Gulf and 39 million users in Egypt. Besides, we widen the scope of the services provided to the clients to get distinct local and regional marketing services through one leading outlet.