Campaigns Management

Campaign management is the planning, execution, tracking, and analysis of a marketing initiative; sometimes centered on a new product launch or an event. Campaigns normally involve multiple pushes to potential buyers through email, social media, surveys, print materials, giveaways, etc. all focusing on a similar topic or idea.

At Content Khana, we offer the following multiple tools to help you achieve your goals through campaign management:

Outdoor Media: Outdoor media is an important marketing channel that you can take advantage of nowadays. These marketing campaigns consist of ads on road-sides, bus shelters and on different subway cars and taxis in many different formats such as lightbox, flags, LED Screens & billboards.

Television Ads: Television is a more effective medium that can help in visualizing the product. If the ad is great, then all the words, music and pictures used in a Tv ad create a memorable campaign that stays in the heads of the audience for a long time.

Radio Ads: Radio is one of the oldest marketing channels that are still relevant to this day. Radio channels offer local audience attention. Also, many people commuting to or from the office tune in to listen to the radio, and also some radio listening enthusiasts at home.

Newspaper & magazine ads:  Newspapers & magazines aren’t obsolete; they are still very relevant when it comes to marketing to specific demographics of consumers. Getting an ad placed in a newspaper means you are speaking to an audience who will be attentive to your message because they trust the information in that particular newspaper.