Public Relations

Public relations management is fundamental for creating a base of constructive relations for trademark owners and the strategic entrance for the success of any organization in achieving its commercial objectives, and reaching the targeted audience including decision makers, public opinion or influencers through digital marketing platforms, media and press stars or official local and international institutions.

Having a unique established relations network with various contacts in the local and regional market, Content Khana is able to provide a number of successful public relations services, such as:

- Organizing press conferences to announce the brand updates.

- Media campaigns planning and managing to promote the brand’s position in the market.

- Ideal planning for the strategies of the influencers across digital platforms.

- Offering monitoring and analysis services for the brand campaigns locally and regionally.

- Unique professional crisis management allowing clients to overcome the crisis in record time.

- Supporting the institution’s internal communication and achieving the principles of loyalty programs.

- Innovative management of national campaigns and development awareness of society issues.