Government Relations

Content Khana has a long history in building professional bridges between our customers who are trademarks owners or representatives of development organizations, government institutions and public foundations; through a special department that includes a group of distinguished human cadres with experience to assume the tasks of finding formulas for an accurate communication with government institutions, thus contributing in setting an approach for internal and external communication.

This is acheived by providing the following services in this field:

- Promotion of the brands’ government relations and opening new channels for joint cooperation.

- Communication with various government and local agencies, then identifying links between them.

Preparing and implementing public relations and government communication plans for brands.

- Preparation to organize conferences, seminars and workshops in coordination with the government.

- Planning and execution of official visits at opening ceremonies or brand events.

- Managing and organizing official visits of the representatives of government institutions and VIPs.

- Designing and implementing social activities for brands under the umbrella of government agencies.