Handicap International “IDMAG project”

Handicap International “IDMAG project”

Making a difference has always been our motto, especially when this difference is in people’s lives. So, our pride and excitement for this project should be understandable.

“IDMAG” is a 63-month pilot project funded by the Drosos and sponsored by the Ministry of Solidarity, aiming to improve the economic inclusion of persons with disabilities from the informal urban areas of Greater Cairo.


Our Services included:

  • Conducting a Virtual Event (venue booking, set-up & streaming)
  • Event Marketing & PR
  • Managing & Executing Media Round Tables for Handicap representatives
  • Generating & Circulating Press Releases (AR – ENG)
  • Handling the Interpreters During the Event
  • Full Branding & Printing
  • Celebrities and Influencers Management